Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today’s subject is all about web presence and style. Today, when you are ready to create your website for your web business, you want to look around on the web first. See what is out there that has the same type of business you want to show on the web. If you were starting a business that was in a “brick/wood/steel/stucco” store, you would scope out the look and feel, scope out the location and its practicality to the business and you would make sure when someone came to see you, before they walked in, they could tell all about what you do based on your presence and your brand.

I recently worked up an analysis for someone that is selling some CD's with specific content. Does the CD have to have a fancy label? Does the CD have to be packaged nicely? If the product is under $10.00, there are some things about appearance you can give up because you are selling a “bargain”. If the CD is over $100.00, would you not expect the CD to look like it cost over $100.00? The answer is YES. Same goes for the website that sells this product that is sold for over $100.00.

Same goes for the website. The website should reflect the brand, the professionalism and if another website presents a similar product, then your website must be as presentable as the competitor if not better. Take the time to search and look around you and look at other similar businesses both on the web and off the web to insure you capture the right message and brand you want your customers to really remember.

Stay tuned for more helpful suggestions on how to improve your web presence. The perception your customers will take away with them whether they purchase the first time or not is still the first and only impression you get to make to get them to come back. You have 5 seconds to make that first impression! Your personality and your professionalism have to shine through. That’s it for today but stay tuned for more helpful hints on building a great online, web business.

Best Regards,
Laurie Union